Someone(One of my Close friend)  asked my why i prefix leo with all my id’s ?I told her that my sunsign is Leo.She laughed at me ……I knew why she laughed .

Le me tell you ,though my sunsign is leo but i do not possess any characteristics of a leo.And she knew the fact.She said you are a true libran.

And still i use “LEO” in order to hide my libran nature.In fact i dont like to be a libran. But i was wrong here.I was running away from myself.She asked me to be what i am?

I said  “I am afraid of defeat.”  As everybody is….

She was the friend who could read everything in my mind….

She gave me lot many examples and finally i had a thought on it.The time passed on and i tried becoming natural.That even happened……

I took many important decisions of my life and kept on moving ahead.But now at this moment if i look at me ,i see i have only that good friend of mine and no one else…..

Is this what you say is “To be natural”?

Still waiting for the reply!!!!!