Relationships are the only asset which we have.
What do you think the relation is?Its not just that you know someone or you are close to someone.Its the bonding between two people.Its about how important you are for others.Though we cannot measure importance,but we can get the feel of it.We daily meet with so many people and are attached to  everyone in some or other way.But again we are not important in everyone’s life and neither everyone is important in our life.

It’s very difficult to get in to relationships but it’s even more difficult to maintain those relationships.We fight for relationships,prioritize our relationships,and even break some relations in order to gain some relations.

Is it like this that “Importance” being a very abstract thing starts fading away with time.Is this inversely proportional to time? I know the answer to this “If” clause is a big “NO”.

But mostly we come around such cases where importance starts fading away with time and the final conclusion is “break-off,Divorce,blah blah…..”.Is this what we fought for ?

I think the solution to this problem is not very complicated but little tricky.
Firstly dont let importance to be wiped off with time.Try outevery possible task to maintain importance of each other.
Secondly try accepting your faults and stop blaming each other.I Know this is one of the Guru Mantra but little difficult to follow.
Thirdly i would go for compromises.I think every relations demands some compromises and be the first one to do so.Now the important question is “Why only me?” and not the other person. Answer lies in the fact that once you are  bonded to someone,you are not alone then.Whatever you do effect both of you(both in case of marriage or friends).

Hey Friends this discussion does not end here at all but it’s an ongoing effort to make this relationship as our strength rather than our weakness.